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About Me

My passion for music began at eight years of age, when I was fortunate enough to begin taking piano lessons.  Since then I have dedicated myself to honing my skills and sharing my abilities whenever and wherever possible. I gig and perform regularly locally, and believe that being a practicing musician is vital to being a good teacher.   
I have over fifteen years of experience playing professionally for churches, restaurants, weddings, funerals, and public events.  I also have over 10 years of teaching experience spanning all age groups.  
I believe that music is a fundamental and essential element of the human experience.  It improves quality of life, and opens unexpected doors.  Through music we express what cannot be spoken, bring joy to others, and share the deepest parts of ourselves.

~Check my Facebook or Instagram to see where I'm gigging next!  I regularly perform with several local singers and bands, as well as solo piano.

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