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We love Carly! And my teenage son has found a new passion thanks to Carly’s unique way of teaching. Highly recommend!

Christy Smith

My 17 year old son just recently took a lesson from Carly and she is amazing. A very gifted and talented person and great music teacher. We will be back for more!!

Becky Hall

My kids, ages 5, 7, 11, and 15, have enjoyed taking piano lessons from Carly Ingalls. I personally love her approach to teaching piano. My previous experience with piano lessons involved working song by song through a lesson book. Carly personalizes each child's lessons by creating a binder for each individual, focusing on the skills they need to improve. She also allows the child to choose songs they would like to learn, which is a great incentive to practice. She encourages them to play around with creating their own songs as well. While Carly does an excellent job of keeping the lessons fun, she is also very intentional about requiring excellence. I appreciate that she does not give room for her students to acquire sloppy habits. If you're looking for a piano teacher, Carly has my highest recommendation.

Hayley Croft

Carly injects enough fun and encouragement into her instruction to motivate my kids. While she introduces foundation and theory, she also helps kids find their natural instinct and rhythm through improv. Beyond lessons, Carly is super friendly and organized. A great teacher all around!

Rachel Clift

I met Carly when I took a job at the same company she worked for. After being a stay-at-home mom for many years, her upbeat attitude had my nerves at ease almost immediately. It was the same way with my daughter, Keliana, when she started taking piano lessons from her. Carly has a brilliant mind and skill when it comes to knowing music and teaching it's techniques. My daughter has ADHD and Carly's patience and positive attitude encouraged her to keep trying even when she would become frustrated. I will tell anyone who asks that she is a valued teacher and the change I see in my child from working with her is amazing. Though we had to say goodbye and wish her the best of luck with her endeavors, Keliana still will often speak of her, the lessons she learned from her, and the friend any child will remember for a lifetime . Thank you, Carly!

Neicha Bailey

Even in the short amount of time that I was able to attend lessons with Carly, I saw a huge improvement in my ability to play. I have a background in electronic production and songwriting, but I wanted to take a step towards performing live, and I saw learning to play the piano as the key skill I needed. Carly worked with me and created lessons that would cater to my interests and goals, while still making sure to include pieces that I never would have considered if I was trying to teach myself.
She's hilarious and super dedicated, and I really wish I could have kept the lessons going longer than I did (not her fault, life got in the way). If you're an adult student, you absolutely can't go wrong with Carly!

Fred Heimann

Carly was my daughter's piano teacher for about 10 months. She was very patient and kind as my this was our daughters first time learning a music instrument. Carly provided a good learning experience for our daughter. I wish her well in all her endeavors.

Flory Hoover

I believe that it wasn’t by accident we found Carly. Clearly she is very passionate about music and loves to teach. My girls have been under her wing now for a little over a year. They’ve learned a ton about music theory as well as sight reading. She encourages them to write their own music and be creative. She is truly an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her to ANYONE. I’m so glad we found her!

Krista Schaffer

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