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The benefits of learning an instrument are endless.  It provides a creative outlet, increases memory skills, math skills, and social skills; and boosts confidence and fosters discipline - just to name a few!  Music lessons are a worthwhile investment for anyone. In addition to operating my home studio, I am also honored to have taught at the Sweetwater Academy in Fort Wayne.  Contact me to learn more!

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Private Lessons Tailored to Each Individual

Every individual learns differently, and I believe in getting to know my students and using methods that suit them specifically. I teach a broad range of skills and styles; including sight reading, music theory, classical music, improvisation, pop, rock, worship, jazz, contemporary, and more!
One thing that sets my lessons apart is my focus on improvisation and creativity.  I believe that music should be an outlet and a creative process from the start.  I insist that all students get a firm foundation in the fundamentals of technique, theory, and notation; and I highlight how those fundamentals are a conduit for freedom and creativity, not opposed to it!


Get a Head Start!

Preschool lessons focus on developing concepts and skills such as rhythm, learning songs by rote, fine motor skills, ear training, and keyboard geography.  Small children are sponges, and this is a great opportunity to give your child a head start on learning the piano. Once preschool students begin to display the skills necessary for formal lessons, they graduate to a regular 30 minute lesson slot.


A Foundation for Life

Finding a teacher for your child who is fun, engaging, and able to effectively teach fundamentals while holding their interest can be difficult.  Much of my experience is with children, and I make it a priority to make lessons fun and informative while fostering a lifelong love of music in them.  I explore music history with them as they learn, and introduce the great classics along with the music that they already love.  Through music lessons they can gain a rich cultural foundation while learning how to express themselves in a constructive way.


Fun at any Age

Piano lessons can be a rich source of growth and enjoyment at any stage of life, and my adult lessons are specifically calibrated to the experience that the student is seeking.  Lessons will be flexible, and structured specifically around your lifestyle, goals, and tastes.


Personalized Attention

I love opening new learners up to the world of music, and know how to reach my students with the right balance of personalized attention, patience, practical training, and positive encouragement.  A firm knowledge of the fundamentals is the foundation upon which creativity rests.  With my beginner students I focus on basics such as theory, sight reading, improv, fake sheet reading, and basic ear training; along with a basic education in different musical styles.  With the right tools and an appropriate knowledge of how to use them, you can play anything!


Building on the Basics

If you already have basic knowledge of music theory and piano skills, but wish to fill in the gaps and improve your ability, I can help with that as well! I can help you improve your weaknesses and build on your strengths.  I can help you develop your skill and direction, and provide a well rounded exposure to different styles and concepts.


The Next Level

Ready to take your playing to the next level?  I love taking the fear and intimidation out of playing advanced music.  I help students break down complex concepts, and develop the skills that they need to play challenging repertoire and exciting styles of music.  I work with advanced students to help them explore and develop true artistry and style!


I would love to hear from you and answer any of your questions! Feel free to text me, call me, Facebook message me, or email me.  I respond within 24 hours.  If you message me via the website portal below, I will respond to you at the email address you provide.

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