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Charting a New Course - Online Piano Lessons

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. Many of us have had our lives turned upside down in a matter of weeks, myself included. I love what I do. I love my students. One of the most heartbreaking parts of this pandemic is that it has taken away my ability to spend that precious half hour with each of them every week. Though I miss the in person contact with my students, I am deeply grateful that I live in an age where technology gives me a means of continuing to teach and interact with them. When a challenge such sas this presets itself, we are given an opportunity to grow, and adapt. I've chosen to embrace this opportunity wholeheartedly and throw myself into the world of giving online piano lessons. The last few weeks have given me copious amounts of time to research, grow my knowledge of technology, and even take a few online lessons myself to develop my own setup and approach. I am proud to say that I am overwhelmingly impressed with how well online teaching has gone with my students over the last month, and I cannot wait to see how this change in approach grows me as a teacher, and my students as pianists. Via FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom I have been able to maintain progress and interaction with my students, and they have been able to keep a vital part of their weekly routine. They are thriving, and learning and practicing more than ever. ~ If you are interesting in learning online with me, check out my website and contact me to discuss your options!

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